What is the criteria to be eligible for SPORTSWORK?

To be eligible to participate in SPORTSWORK, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a disability, injury or illness
  • Playing or looking to play basketball ongoing
  • Looking to gain employment

Does the program cost?

No! It is a free program that is funded by Job Victoria. There is no cost to you to participate.

I am currently at school but want to get my foot in the door working, Am I eligible?

Yes! We welcome students that are interested in getting their foot in the door into employment. As the program runs from 12pm2pm we would recommend this for participants that are in their final year of school (whether that is year 10, 11 or 12) that are looking to transitioning into employment. Sportswork will assist (with parents support) to contact the school to discuss the program to allow for leave to attend.

My Son/Daughter is interested in applying and meets the criteria, can I be involved?

Yes! Parental or support person involvement is always encouraged when working to get someone a job whether their first or not! We would encourage parents to be involved in discussions and supports, assistance with transport if required, helping look out for vacancies that might suit their Son/ Daughter.

I don’t play basketball yet but would like to join a team and do this program. Can I?

Yes! We are happy to help you connect to a team or social league and assist you in your basketball skills as well as getting into employment.

What is considered a medical condition? I have anxiety. Am I eligible?

Yes! Some people are not aware that mental health has a major impact on getting into employment or staying connected to a sporting team. We would like to support individuals that are experiencing mental health barriers to be engaged and gain confidence. We will support you in finding a suitable position and help to eliminate as much anxiety through the process.

I haven’t worked before and do not have a resume. Am I still able to join?

Yes! We will help everyone build up their resume and help to gain experiences that outline your skills. It’s okay if you haven’t had any employment yet. We can celebrate with you when you start your first job!

What happens when I get an interview?

You will not go through it alone! When you get an interview you can call your mentor and they will walk you through step by step what to do. They can even potentially arrange to attend the interview with you and help with positive discussions afterwards.

Can I do the basketball program but not participate in the employment side?

No, unfortunately this program is funded by Jobs Victoria to support the candidates to gain suitable employment. Speak to us if you would like to discuss this and other options that we can refer you to.

I currently have different supports and programs, will SPORTSWORK take away from any of these?

No! We don’t want to take away from any current supports or programs. We want to add Sportswork as an additional support to your current connections. Whether that’s employment support, current basketball trainings, social worker, school, day programs or anything else you participate in. We would actually like to link in with your supports so everyone is involved in your triumphs.

How will SPORTSWORK help me to find a job?

We will be working with employers that would like to support the program as well as contact employers in the location and fields you are interested in working in. We will help you to apply for specific jobs that you want as well as facilitating conversations to open up positions or tailor positions to suit your barrier.

I think I need ongoing support in employment. Can SPORTSWORK provide support to me in my job?

ECHO Australia which is one of the partners that is running Sportswork is a disability employment service. If you feel that you would need ongoing support in your position then we can arrange for you to be linked to an office close to you that can support you ongoing. There are certain requirements for linking with this service but we can discuss and explain these to you.

Is this program only for people who want to get a job in sport?

No! This program will assist you to find employment in any industry that you are interested in.

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